Visitors to Scilly rise yet again!

This time last year we were delighted to report a 6% increase in visitors to the islands – this year it’s looking even better. June on June – counting both air and sea travel – the 2015 figure is +7.6% and the calendar year figure at the half way point is a staggering 11% up as reported by Isles of Scilly Travel.

Our brief back at the very end of 2012 was to “arrest the decline” in visitor numbers – no easy task following years of decline; in 2013 our campaign across all media set to work hard for the Islands’ partnership and the people of Scilly whose lives are dependent on the tourist pound.

That start helped give us the figures we were able to report last year this time. The work continued throughout 2014 and now we can see the results of that in these early 2015 figures.

This  didn’t happen by accident and you can read the full story on this site. Nor did it happen in easy times – the £ to the euro rate has gone from 1.20 to 1.40 – making holidays abroad roughly 20% cheaper . Everybody wants to take advantage of that this summer but just look how many are staying that little bit closer to home but a million miles away.

Next figures here when we get them!