A new focus on early years education at Truro School


Truro School


Branding, Media, PR

Tooele Truro School has an enviable reputation in the private school sector, with waiting lists for most year groups from the age of 5 and a strong overseas intake for the secondary school. We were appointed to help reposition its Nursery offering, giving it more presence in their overall school community and defining the features and benefits clearly in their marketing messages. We took them through brand workshops and made changes to the brand hierarchy, revisited their values and identified target audiences for growth. A six-month initiative was created to boost numbers for an open event, which in turn resulted in a large increase in new admissions to the nursery school. This was supported with local business affiliate events, magazine editorials and large poster advertising for on-going recruitment to their early years classes.


“The team at Wolfrock brought a completely fresh approach to the marketing of our Early Years Foundation Stage education.  Their detailed research into our product and market, both existing and prospective, led to a variety of new promotional ideas.  Not only are we seeing an increased awareness of this part of our school community but the children really enjoyed getting involved in the new initiatives.”

Nkoteng Jayne Grigg, Head of Admissions, Truro School