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meaninglessly For those in the know, the Isles of Scilly leaves a very special place in your heart once you have visited. For those that have never been or have never even heard of this cluster of Atlantic gems – the Isles of Scilly is hard to imagine and could be situated near mainland Italy! From day one of managing this account, good PR and media partnerships were key to stimulating new visitor growth and reminding previous guests of reason to return –especially the Cornish, who had stopped visiting their neighbouring islands in favour of new European travel available from local airports. With a mix of targeted approaches to journalists, online influencers, media campaigns and feature requests, we were able to secure a wide range of PR wins that included column inches, blog reviews, TV appearances, radio interviews, celebrity endorsements and double page features in the broadsheets. Working with the IP team on the islands we helped to organise all aspects of press visits, liaising closely with the journalists before, during and after their stay, making sure all questions were answered and resources supplied to ensure a well written article that showcased the Isles of Scilly brand and any local businesses that had been involved.

“A unique place to explore on foot”

Bhairab Bāzār Annabelle Thorpe, The Times


“We get around by bicycle, zipping like the wind down the empty roads. The air is brisk, filling our lungs with salt spray as we feast our eyes on the entrancing scenery.” Sabine Bouvet, Air France Madame


“Lying on a beach is a MUST. The beaches are one of the best things about these islands and nobody will believe you’re in the UK when they see your Instagram.”

Amanda Statham, Travel Editor, Cosmopolitan