Reinventing a Cornish brand


Jolly's Drinks


Branding, Packaging, PR, Print Design, website

Back in the 60’s Jolly’s was a much loved soft drinks brand, but over the years it had almost disappeared and lost any connection with it’s heritage of being founded by John Jolly in 1896. Now under new ownership our client had big aspirations of re-launching the brand, developing it’s range and investing in a new manufacturing facility complete with their own canning line. With an ambitious growth strategy to supply the drinks in post mix syrups and cans across the UK, our challenge was to find a brand positioning that was, quality mass market – but still very standout, accessible for young and old with careful consideration to it’s legacy in Cornwall. We approached the range of flavours with a bold cohesive font and colour look, and kept a hint of heritage just within the logo. We wanted to avoid Victoriana styles as our market research showed us this was being done by many other brands selling nostalgia, so the final look for the packaging was very different to anything on the soft drinks shelf. To follow this range of packaging we have developed other merchandise, a website and continue to advise on a marketing strategy for them as they roll out each of the products. Visit Jolly’s website.

“Wolf Rock were the perfect agency to help us through this re-launch, they took time to understand our products, goals and growth aspirations so they could delivery the right solution for us. We are thrilled with the end result and look forward to seeing the new Jolly’s brand grow throughout Cornwall and beyond”

Cheryl Ingram, Managing Director