Falfish: growth built on clear values and communications




Branding, Photography & Video, Website & Digital

cytotec no rx Falfish process over 18,000 tonnes of fish a year and supply more than 56 sustainable fish and shellfish species to major supermarkets both in the UK and overseas. Retailers rely on Falfish to assure their reputations for freshness, quality and food safety with end customers.

krestanska seznamka všeruby As the business grew, Falfish wanted to be sure that the core brand was strong and clear enough to build on — and that communication was based on messages that truly reflected strong corporate values. Wolf Rock recommended a root-and-branch brand review. We talked to internal and external stakeholders; from influential supermarket buyers to Falfish’s board, production line supervisors and reception team. The insights resulted in us being able to propose a focussed mission, vision and values and clear communication themes. The new brand messaging was launched at an all-new stand for the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels.

clindagel professional We have planned, designed and built an all-new website targeted at supermarket buyers and have commissioned and art-directed extensive photography and video shoots, in the studio and on the production line — as well as on location, including a gruelling three-day shoot to achieve spectacular time-lapse photography that tells the sea-to-dispatch story of Falfish’s quality and capability. Visit Falfish website.