Creating a brand for Curds & Croust


Curds and Croust


Branding, Packaging, Photography & Video, Website & Digital

Ivermectin buy cheap When Rodda’s (one of Cornwall’s oldest and most successful food brands) met Martin Gaylard (one of the UK’s finest cheese-makers) a great new idea was born. Simply to make Britain’s best soft cheeses, in Cornwall. Rodda’s took the sensible view that cheese and clotted cream should be kept separate in consumer’s minds and recruited Wolf Rock to create a new standalone brand for the new product. This needed to have provenance and authenticity by the spade — so we created the Curds & Croust name and brand platform based on a range of village characters, each one personifying a different cheese, allowing the range to grow. We then followed through with packaging, illustration, website, photography, and exhibition collateral. The disruptive brand idea has captured the imagination of customers and the media alike and the cheese has been a phenomenal success, with Curds & Croust named Supreme Champions at the 2018 Global Cheese Awards on top of numerous other accolades. Visit Curds & Croust website.

“Wolf Rock’s approach is based on really getting to the heart of what you are looking for your brand to stand for… skilfully guiding you through the process in a positive and engaging way to find the solution that you have full confidence in. Attention to detail, insight and creativity are what Wolf Rock do so brilliantly… we couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and nor could our customers!” Belinda Shipp, Marketing Manager, Curds & Croust