Bodmin Keep – A new name and identity for Cornwall’s Army Museum


Bodmin Keep


Branding, Graphic Design

Bodmin Barracks were closed as an operational site in 1962, with various parts sold off until and now only the keep remains. This now houses the regimental museum of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (DCLI), which itself in 1959 was merged with other regiments, then into The Light Infantry and finally into The Rifles. Cornwall’s Regimental Museum is amongst the most highly rated in the region, frequently receiving five star reviews from visitors who refer to it as a hidden gem. Yet visitor numbers remain small and even in the county many are unaware of its existence. The museum’s director had a strong feeling that the confusing name and identity were part of the problem and, supported by the board of trustees, set about finding a solution. Wolf Rock brought trustees and stakeholders together in a facilitated branding workshop to focus core values, to untangle the regiment and museum’s amazing story, and ultimately to find a bold way forward, together. New names and straplines were proposed, discussed and carefully considered, leading to a new, clear, and relevant brand; Bodmin Keep — Cornwall’s Army Museum.