A map for Cornwall


Visit Cornwall


Print Design

We have been working with Visit Cornwall since 2017. Our first challenge was strategic — to review, rationalise and improve the print output and impact, with particular emphasis on value for members. Visit Cornwall produces more than 1 million pieces of print collateral annually in a very competitive environment. Based on market research, our proposal was to focus on a highly credible and authoritative map that would stand head-and-shoulders above others in term of usability. We created all original artwork including detailed and copyrighted cartography with rights owned by the client. The map has had a very high pick-up rate and has attracted new stakeholders to provide a good source of revenue for the brand.


“Given the challenges facing the UK with regard to Brexit and faltering consumer confidence, 2019 is set to be an exciting year and Wolf Rock will assist us with mitigating these threats whilst seizing opportunities”.

Malcolm Bell, Chief executive, Visit Cornwall