Connected business expertise comes to town

We decided get together to form a new agency. On a dark autumn evening we had a party to celebrate. It was refreshing to have such a heady mix, not just of drinks, but of people. Some of the leading businesses in the south west, clients old and new, private sector and public… educationalists, strategists, creatives… people who are good at numbers, people who are good at ideas, people who like to colour things in, people who are good at people…

As marketers with the advantage of having owned or run businesses, we see marketing from a client perspective. And as a group we have the credentials to really make a difference to businesses in Cornwall and the south west. We’ve all worked for the best of the big companies and more recently all operated on our own wits on a freelance basis too. In many ways Cornwall’s great pool of freelance talent is a backlash to the tired responses of the big dinosaur agencies up country but Wolf Rock represents a small shift back. David beat Goliath because he was quicker witted and more agile, but how much better could a little gang of Davids be? We have all been working well individually but all felt how much more exciting it would be to spark off each other – still agile in terms of thinking and delivery but able to share ideas and bounce off each other as a uniquely effective team.