Blackboards, Sparrows and Photoshop

Fliss at Wolf Rock

Blackboards, Sparrows and Photoshop

There’s no such thing as an average week at Wolf Rock Marketing. Well, not according to the busy schedule drawn up neatly on the wall-to-wall whiteboard. I’m sampling just 5 days in the office as an intern and it’s been brilliant so far. I was surprised to discover how varied the work is here; Wolf Rock does the social media, copywriting, analytics, mailing, graphic design, blogging, photography, admin, branding and web development (breathe!) for each of its clients – all to an upbeat Spotify playlist to get the creative juices flowing. There’s a perfect chat/work balance and everyone is really knowledgeable about his or her specific domain. The office is spacious, well lit and there’s a chilled but efficient vibrancy about the décor too: one wall is a blackboard and the chairs have homemade seat covers. It’s unorthodox, which I’m totally on-board with as I reckon the space reflects the innovative nature of Wolf Rock as a whole.

The Really In Depth Bits

As I’m enthusiastic about both writing and design as career prospects, I wanted to get an insight into marketing because my favoured disciplines form two large chunks of the industry.  After a short introduction to the team and a very caffeinated Monday meeting, I got to grips with some hardcore ‘twitter stalking’ (as Jo so aptly puts it) – since then I’ve been tweeting like a cocaine-fueled sparrow, helping to generate interest in brands from ice cream to orchestras. On the subject of social media, I’ve also been given access to the Facebook page of Wolf Rock’s main client, carefully overseen by Jo, for whom I’ve logged post interactions and website clicks on Google Analytics as part of tracking content reactions. This is important as it gives a numerical definition of how well the social media and online presence is doing; both the client and Wolf Rock can see what’s working and what needs to improve. Normally, statistics and I don’t mix as I’ve got a one-in-four chance of panicking about all the numbers. However the simple graphics and easy interfaces on Analytics made handling the graphs and numbers more than manageable. I hadn’t even considered this analytical part of marketing before, so it was interesting for me to see how exactly companies use the data to monitor online success.

The Really Fun Bit

My main interest lies in creative writing and the blogging side of things, so I was delighted to be writing about a topic in the vicinity of my favourite hobby, sailing. I was in my element- I had the chance to flounce about with metaphors and extended noun phrases in an advert about sailing in Cornwall and I also wrote a colourful blog about being afloat for the first time. I enjoyed both of these tasks immensely and hope I can do more of it in the future.

The Really Good Bit

The most useful part of being at Wolf Rock was the opportunity to re-design a logo for the Jazz Band I’m part of. Liam, one of the in-house design team, was remarkably patient with me while I grappled with Adobe Creative Suite, a set of programs I’d never used before. I then learned how to re-size images for different purposes and had fun using the effects on Photoshop.

The Compulsory Summary Bit

In my brief time here, I’ve done all the above plus scanning, emailing, actual-using-the-postal-service mailing, tea and coffee making and even dog-petting. It’s been educational as well as fun and I’ll be drawing (!) on all elements of my work experience for a long time to come. Thanks to all the brilliant team at Wolf Rock!