5 little don’ts

1/ Don’t be afraid to change direction if something isn’t working out of fear of upsetting the minority of people that did get it

2/ Don’t start social marketing until you are fully aware of the time it takes to do it effectively. You should be very familiar with how the different¬† platforms work and pick ones that you really enjoy and can engage with. An uninteresting Facebook page is worse than no Facebook page. Using social media is about being social-able – it’s not about selling.

3/ Don’t shy away from review websites. If you are serving your customers well, the good will outweigh the bad. Independent reviews can be worth their weight in marketing gold if you can mine a promotional nugget or two!

4/ Don’t lose sight of the money.¬† Set a budget, make a plan. Without one you are making decisions based on a whim (or a really good sales pitch). A plan can always be refined or added to, but no plan at all is just a group of decisions with no clear aim. That can be expensive.

5/ Don’t forget your customers have choice. If you’re not delighting them on a regular basis they will go elsewhere.